Pauline Favre

Researcher in Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences.

INSERM U955, team Translational Neuro-Psychiatry
Neurospin - CEA Paris - Saclay
91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex, France



  • 08/2020 New preprint out! How 3 different meditation-based mental trainings affect emotion processing in a cohort of 332 healthy participants. Check it out:

  • 12/2019: I am very happy to have won the second prize for the best paper of the year at the French Congress of Psychiatry in Nice!

Prix CFP 2019


Research Interest

My research focuses on understanding the cognitive and cerebral mechanisms underlying: (1) Emotion processing and regulation in the general population and in psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder and; (2) The positive effects of cognitive or mental trainings, such as psychosocial interventions and meditation-based mental training in these populations. I use a combination of cognitive paradigms as well as functional and anatomical MRI to pursue these objectives.


Bipolar Disorders; Brain Plasticity; Emotions; Cognitive training; MRI; fMRI

Grants and Research Prizes

  • 2019: 2nd price for the "best publication of the year" at the French Congress of Psychiatry
  • 2018: Grant from the French hospital clinical research program (PHRC-N): 355k€ - Scientific Director of the project (PI: Pr. Josselin Houenou)
  • 2018: Research Grant FondaMental Suisse: 100 kCHF
  • 2018: Research Prize « UNAFAM » 2018
  • 2013: Travel grant for a 3-month internship at the University of Cambridge (UK). University « Pierre-Mendès France – Grenoble »
  • 2011-2014: PhD Fellowship for 3 years (French ministry of education and research) (60k€)
  • 2009-2011: Master Fellowship (University of Grenoble)

Ongoing Projects

NEUROFEED-BD (PHRC National 2018 n°333)


Real-time fMRI neurofeedback as treatment for inter-critical mood symptoms in bipolar disorder: a randomized controlled trial

This multicentrer national study aims at assessing the efficacy of 3-weeks neurofeedback training with real-time fMRI on the treatment of residual mood symptoms in patients with BD. I am leading this study with Pr. J. Houneou.

Check out my video presentation of the project during the french neurofeedback congress (Bordeaux, 2019) here (in French).



project website

Check out my interview about the project here

  • Head of the Bipolar-DTI project: Prof. Josselin Houenou (Neurospin, CEA Paris-Saclay; APHP-Hopital Henri-Mondor, Créteil)

In this multi-center international study, conducted under the umbrella of the ENIGMA consortium, I am working with DTI data from about 3000 subjects (half patients with bipolar disorder, half controls) from 26 cohorts, thus constituting the largest DTI database of bipolar patients known today. My goal is to identify reliably and reproducibly, with the use of machine learning algorythms, white matter microstructural abnormalities that could characterize these patients.

The ReSource Project


project website

  • Head: Prof. Dr. Tania Singer (MPI, Leipzig, Germany)

The ReSource project is a large-scale longitudinal study on meditation-based mental training. The goal of this 11-month program is to cultivate compassion, gratitude, motivation pro-social, etc. but also to improve subjective well-being and health through different mental training modules (3 months each). The “Presence” module focuses on attention training and interoceptive awareness. The "Affect" module aims to strengthen compassion and gratitude towards others as well as to improve the management of difficult emotions through the training of socio-emotional skills. The objective of the module "Perspective" is to train the socio-cognitive skills, such as theory of mind and metacognitive capacities.

The purpose of my work in this project are i) to evaluate change in emotional reactivity and its associated cerebral network after the overall ReSource program as well as the differential effect the 3 modules; ii) to evaluate change in mindwandering content after these training with an experience sampling paradigm.


  • Head: Prof. Mircea Polosan (CHU/GIN, Grenoble, France)

Description: The BiPed project is my PhD project. The objectives of this project were, first, to identify brain abnormalities underlying emotional and cognitive disorders in bipolar disorders, and second, to identify how psychoeducation, a specific and structured psychosocial intervention, can modulate these brain abnormalities.

Publications : Favre et al., 2016, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics; Favre et al., 2015, PloS One; Favre et al., 2014, JAD; Favre et al., 2013, Psych. Res.: Neuroimaging.


project website

  • Head: Prof. Mircea Polosan (CHU/GIN, Grenoble, France)

Description: This clinical study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The originality of this study lies in the choice of the target region, which is determined individually by an fMRI task measuring motor impulsivity: the "Stop Signal Task" (SST).


project website

  • Head: Rebecca Shankland (LIP/UGA, Grenoble, France)

Description: This project focuses on the effects of the mindfulness meditation FOVEA program on i) low-level emotional visual perception (by manipulating the spatial frequency of images) and ii) on eating behaviors, food impulsivity in particular.

Research Experience & Education

October 2021 - now:

Tenured researcher (chargée de recherche) at INSERM U955, team « Translational Neuro-Psychiatry » (Créteil, France)

October 2018 - September 2021:

Senior Post-doc at INSERM U955, team « Translational Neuro-Psychiatry » (Créteil, France)

  • Project 1: Real-time fMRI neurofeedback as treatment for intercritical mood symptoms in bipolar disorder: a randomized controlled trial
    • Grant: PHRC-N (hospital clinical research program) 355k€ ; FondaMental suisse Foundation : 80k€
    • Role: Scientific director of the project
  • Project 2: Classification and stratification of patients with psychiatric disorders based on resting-state functional connectivity
  • PI: Pr. Josselin Houenou (MD, PhD)
March 2017 – September 2018

Post-doctoral researcher at Neurospin research center (CEA – Paris Saclay)

  • Project: Mega-, meta and machine learning analyses of a large base of DTI data from patients with bipolar disorder: An international collaboration with the ENIGMA Bipolar Disorder Working Group.
  • Head: Edouard Duchesnay (PhD)
February 2015 – February 2017

Post-doctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognition and Brain Science, Dept. of Social Neuroscience (Leipzig, Germany)

  • Project: The ReSource Project - large-scale longitudinal study on Eastern and Western methods of mental training.
  • Head: Pr. Dr. Tania Singer
October - December 2013

“In-Doc” Research internship in the University of Cambridge (UK)

  • Institution: Dept. of Psychiatry, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience Institute.
  • Supervisor: Dr Valerie Voon (MD, PhD)
October 2011 – December 2014

PhD in Cognitive Sciences, Psychology and Neurocognition (Lab of Psychology and NeuroCognition, Grenoble, France)

  • Thesis title: Cerebral dysfunction in bipolar disorder and effects of psychosocial interventions: assessment with functional and anatomical MRI
  • Grant: MENRT (French Ministry of National Education, Research and Technology)
  • Supervisors: Monica Baciu, MD (Neurology), PhD (Neurosciences) & Mircea Polosan, MD (Psychiatry), PhD (Neurosciences)

Research Master (2nd yr): National master on Clinical Neurosciences and Neuropsychology (University of Grenoble, Lyon and Toulouse, France)

  • Master thesis title: Neurofunctional correlates of psychoeducation response in bipolar patients
  • Supervisors: Monica Baciu (MD, PhD) & Mircea Polosan (MD, PhD)

Master (1st yr) in Cognitive Psychology (University of Grenoble, France)

  • Master thesis title: Cross-language comparison, French and Spanish: Hemispheric specialization. A divided visual field study
  • Supervisors: Monica Baciu (MD, PhD) & Marcela Perrone-Bertolotti (PhD)

Bachelor in Psychology (University of Grenoble, France)


Baccalaureate in Science (Specialty: Biology), Academy of Grenoble


PhD Thesis

Link to download my PhD thesis

Peer-reviewed journals

Main publications
  1. Favre, P., Kanske, P., Engen, H., & Singer, T. (2021). Decreased emotional reactivity after 3-month socio-affective but not attention-or meta-cognitive-based mental training: A randomized, controlled longitudinal fMRI study. Neuroimage, 237, 118132.
  2. Favre, P., Pauling, M., Stout, J., Hozer, F., Sarrazin, S., Abé, C., Alda, M., Alloza, C., Alonso-Lana, S., Andreassen, O.A., Baune, B.T., [...], Leboyer, M., Mangin, J-F, Henry, C., Duchesnay, E. & Houenou, J. (2019). Widespread white matter microstructural abnormalities in bipolar disorder: evidence from mega-and meta-analyses across 3033 individuals. Neuropsychopharmacology, 44, 2285-2293.
  3. Favre, P., Houenou, J., Baciu, M., Pichat, C., Bougerol, T. & Polosan, M. (2016). White-matter plasticity induced by psychoeducation in bipolar patients: A controlled diffusion tensor imaging study. Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, 85, 58-60.
  4. Favre, P., Baciu, M., Pichat, C., Bougerol, T. & Polosan, M. (2014). FMRI evidence for abnormal resting-state functional connectivity in euthymic bipolar patients. Journal of affective disorders, 165, 182-189.
  5. Favre, P., Baciu, M., Pichat, C., De Pourtalès, M.A., Fredembach, B., Garçon, S., Bougerol, T. & Polosan, M. (2013). Modulation of fronto-limbic activity by the psychoeducation in euthymic bipolar patients. A functional MRI study. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, 214(3), 285-295.
  6. Favre, P., Polosan, M., Pichat, C., Bougerol, T. & Baciu, M. (2015). Cerebral correlates of emotional conflict processing in euthymic bipolar patients: A functional MRI connectivity study. Plos one, 10 (8), e0134961.
  7. Claude, L.A., Houenou, J., Duchesnay, E. & Favre, P. (2020). Will machine learning applied to neuroimaging in bipolar disorder help the clinician? A critical review and perspective. Bipolar Disorders, 22(4), 334-355.
  8. Kebets, V., Favre, P., Houenou, J., Polosan, M., Perroud, N., Aubry, J-M., Van De Ville, D. & Piguet, C. (2021). Fronto-limbic neural variability as a transdiagnostic correlate of emotion dysregulation. Translational Psychiatry, 11(1), 545.
  9. Shankland, R., Favre, P., Kotsou, I., & Mermillod, M. (2020). Mindfulness and de-automatization: Effect of mindfulness-based interventions on emotional facial expressions processing, Mindfulness, 12(1), 226-239.
  10. Shankland, R, Favre, P., Corubolo, D., Méary, D., Flaudias, V. & Mermillod, M. (2019). Food-Cal: Development of a controlled database of high- and low-calorie food matched with non-food pictures. Eating and Weight Disorders - Studies on Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity. 1-10.
  11. Kibleur,A., Polosan, M., Favre, P., Rudrauf, D., Bougerol, T., Chabardès, S., David, O. (2017). Stimulation of subgenual cingulate area decreases limbic top-down control on ventral visual stream: A DBS-EEG pilot study. Neuroimage, 146, 544-553.
  12. Morris, L. S., Kundu, P., Dowell, N., Mechelmans, D. J., Favre, P., Irvine, M. A., [...] & Voon, V. (2016). Fronto-Striatal Organization: Defining Functional and Microstructural Substrates of Behavioural Flexibility. Cortex, 74, 118-133. Collaborations internationales sur l’imagerie cérébrale dans le trouble bipolaire
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with the ENIGMA Consortium
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In revision
  1. Pindi, P., Houenou, J., Piguet, C. & Favre, P. Real-time fMRI neurofeedback as a new treatment for psychiatric disorders: A meta-analysis and systematic review. (Progress in Neuropsychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry). DOI:
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In preparation
  1. Krystal, S., Gracia, L., Piguet, C., Polosan, M., Savatovsky, J., Houenou, J. & Favre, P. Functional connectivity of the amygdala nuclei in bipolar disorder: a multicentric study.
  2. Favre, P., Louiset, R., Duchesnay, E., Houenou, J., & the ENIGMA Bipolar Disorder DTI Working Group. Classifying and Subgrouping patients with bipolar disorder based on DTI data: A Machine Learning Sudy from the ENIGMA Bipolar Disorder Working.
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Books Chapters

Mermillod, M., Favre, P. & Vermulen, N. (2021). Neurosciences Affectives. In Luminet, O. (Ed.) Psychologie des Emotions. Be: De Boeck.
Vrticka, P., Favre, P. & Singer, T. (2017). Compassion and the brain. In Gilbert, P. (Ed.) Compassion: Concepts, Research and Applications. London, UK: Routledge.
Polosan, M. & Favre, P. (2015) Imagerie des Troubles Bipolaires. In Fossati, P. (Ed.). Imagerie Cérébrale en Psychiatrie. Contributions Physiopathologiques de la Neuro-Imagerie. Paris: Lavoisier/Médecine Sciences.


Polosan, M. & Favre, P. Troubles bipolaires : des connexions cérébrales anormales, Science & Santé n°21 sep/oct 2014, p.20-21.


Symposium / Oral presentations (selectioned/invited)

  • (upcomming) Favre, P. & Houenou, J. fMRI-based neurofeedback of the amygdala in bipolar disorder. European congress of psychiatry. Madrid, Mars 2020.
  • Favre, P., Duchesnay E., Houenou, J. for the ENIGMA Bipolar Disorder DTI Working Group. Classification and clustering of patients with Bipolar Disorder (BD) based on DTI data: Relationship with clinical dimensions. 14th World Congress of Biological Psychiatry (WFSBP), Vancouver, Canada. June 2019.
  • Favre, P., Duchesnay E., Houenou, J. for the ENIGMA Bipolar Disorder DTI Working Group. Classification of Patients With Bipolar Disorder Based on DTI Data: Relationship With Clinical Dimensions. 73nd meeting of the Society of Biological Psychiatry (SOBP), New York City, USA. May 2018.
  • Favre, P., Houenou, J., Sarrazin, S., Pauling, M., Henry, C., for the ENIGMA Bipolar Disorder DTI Working Group. Brain networks and bipolar disorder: what can we learn from large-scale neuroimaging studies. 72nd meeting of the Society of Biological Psychiatry (SOBP), San Diego, USA. May 2017.
  • Favre, P. & Singer, T. Lessons from the ReSource project: Behavioral and brain changes in affective processing after a 9-month longitudinal mental training program. 8th European Conference of Positive Psychology (ECPP), Anger, France. June 2016.

Oral Communications in National Conferences

  • Favre, P.* & Polosan, M. Le gyrus frontal inférieur : « hub » du contrôle émotionnel dans le trouble bipolaire. 11ième Congrès Français de Psychiatrie, Nice, Favre. Décembre, 2019.
  • Favre, P. & Houenou, J. Le neurofeedback IRMf : des neurosciences cognitives à l'application thérapeutique en psychiatrie. 4ième Journée Nationale du Neurofeedback, Bordeaux, France. Mai, 2019.
  • Favre, P., Baciu, M., Pichat, C., Bougerol, T. & Polosan, M. What can we learn with multimodal MRI ? Apport de l’IRM multimodal pour une vision intégrée du fonctionnement cognitif sain et pathologique : exemple de l’étude de l’activité, de la connectivité et l’anatomie cérébrale dans la maladie bipolaire. 5ième rencontres du Pôle Cognition, Grenoble, France, Juin 2014.
  • Favre, P., Polosan, M., Pichat, C., De Pourtalès, M.A., Fredembach, B., Garçon, S., Bougerol, T. & Baciu, M. Psychoéducation et maladie bipolaire : Corrélats anatomofonctionnels avec IRMf. Journées de la recherche médicale, Grenoble, France, May 2012.

Conferences Proceedings, Workshops & Posters presentations

  • Favre, P, Fernandez , N., Piguet, C., Poupon, C. & Houenou, J. Real-time fMRI neurofeedback as treatment for intercritical mood symptoms in bipolar disorder: a randomized controlled trial. Real-Time Functional Imaging and Neurofeedback conference. Maastricht, Pays-Bas. Décembre 2019.
  • Favre, P., Duchesnay, E. & Houenou, J for the ENIGMA Bipolar Disorder DTI Working Group. Subgrouping of patients with bipolar disorder based on DTI data, 25th annual meeting of the Organisation for Human Brain Mapping, Rome, Italy. June 2019.
  • Favre, P., Duchesnay, E. & Houenou, J. Classification of patients with Bipolar Disorder based on DTI data: relationship with clinical dimensions. Proceedings of the Computational Brain Connectivity Mapping (CoBCoM) workshop, Juan-les-Pins, France. November 2017.
  • Hozer, F., Sarazzin, S., Duchesnay, E., Pauling, M., Mangin, J.F., Polosan, M., Favre, P., Wessa, M., Linke, J., Versace, A., Phillips, M., Brambilla, P., McDonald, C., Emsell, L., Bellivier, F., Leboyer, M., Houenou, J. Could lithium prevent the bipolar disorder brain atrophy? Abstracts of the 30th ECNP Congress, European Neuropsychopharmacology, 27 (4), S521-S1181.
  • Favre, P., Baciu, M., Perrin, A., Pichat, C., Bougerol, T. & Polosan, M. Neuroanatomical Predictors of the Psychoeducation Outcome in Bipolar patients: A Combined Voxel-Based Morphometry and Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study. 72nd meeting of the Society of Biological Psychiatry (SOBP), San Diego, USA. May 2017.
  • Raffin, E., Harquel, S. Favre, P., Beynel, L., Siebner, H.R., David, O. & Polosan, M. Linking dysfunctional premotor-to-motor connectivity to disease severity of obsessive-compulsive disorder – a robotic dual-site TMS study. 10th FENS Forum of Neuroscience, Copenhagen, Denmark. July 2016.
  • Corubolo, D., Shankland, R., Favre, P., Tessier, D., Beffara, B. & Mermillod, M. Effects of Mindfulness on Emotion Regulation and Health Behaviors. 2nd International Conference on Mindfulness (ICM), Rome, Italy, May 2016.
  • Favre, P., Baciu, M., Pichat, C., Bougerol, T. & Polosan, M. Impaired Fronto-Limbic Connectivity in Euthymic Bipolar Patients: A Combined Resting-State / DTI Study. 20th OHBM Annual Meeting, Hamburg, Germany. Human Brain Mapping. 1322, 2014.
  • Favre, P., Baciu, M., Perrin, A., Pichat, C., Bougerol, T. & Polosan, M. Neuroanatomical predictors of psychoeducation response in euthymic bipolar patients : A Voxel-Based Morphometric study. 16th Annual Conference of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD), Seoul, South Korea. Bipolar Disorders. 2014, 16, 88-88.
  • Favre, P., Polosan, M., Pichat, C., Bougerol, T. & Baciu, M. Functional connectivity in euthymic bipolar patients: An fMRI resting-state study. 20th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society (CNS), San Francisco, USA. Journal of Cognitive Neurosciences. 2013, 96-96.
  • Favre, P., Polosan, M., Pichat, C., Bougerol, T. & Baciu, M. Abnormal resting-state functional connectivity in euthymic bipolar patients. 21st European Congress of Psychiatry (EPA), Nice, France. European Psychiatry. 2013, 28(1): A1716.
  • Favre, P., Polosan, M., Pichat, C., Bougerol, T. & Baciu, M. Frontal-amygdala alterations during emotional conflict processing in euthymic bipolar patients: a word-face Stroop fMRI study. 11ième Colloque de la Société des Neurosciences, Lyon, France, May 2013.
  • Favre, P., Polosan, M., Pichat, C., De Pourtalès, M.A., Fredembach, B., Garçon, S., Bougerol, T. & Baciu, M. The psychoeducation modulates resting-state functional connectivity in euthymic bipolar patients: a preliminary study. 3rd Biennial International Conference on Resting State Brain Connectivity. Brain Connectivity. 2012, 2(4): A1-A156.
  • Favre, P., Polosan, M., Pichat, C., De Pourtalès, M.A., Fredembach, B., Garçon, S., Bougerol, T. & Baciu, M. Corrélats neurofonctionnels de la réponse à la psychoéducation chez les patients bipolaires stabilisés. 10iÈme Congrès de l’Encéphale, Paris, France, January 2012.

Students Supervision

!!! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re looking for an internship or a PhD !!!

Co-advising PhD student

Team "Psychiatry" Neurospin-UNIACT / INSERM U955

  • Pamela Pindi (70%) PhD project (10/2020 - now): Real-time fMRI Neurofeedback as treatment for residual symptoms in Bipolar Disorders
  • Sydney Kristal (50%) PhD project (02/2020 - now): Resting-state functional connecitvity in Bipolar Disorders: Investigation through large multi-centric databases

Co-advising Master students


Team "Psychiatry" Neurospin-UNIACT / INSERM U955

  • Margot Dumas (80%) First year Master student in Neuroscience (Sorbonne University, Paris): "Decoding emotion in the brain with fMRI", Apr-May 2022.
  • Théa Beraldin (80%) First year Master student in Neuroscience (University of Paris): "Using real-time fMRI neurofeedback to modulate brain activity: A pilot study", Feb-Mar 2022.
  • Ivan Brossolet (100%) Master student in Biomedical Engeenering (PSL University, Paris, ESPCI): "Using machine learning to improve the diagnosis of bipolar disorders: Investigation with multi-modal MRI", Feb-Jul 2022.
  • Chlöé Müh (80%) Master student in Neuropsycholoy (University of Strasbourg): "Neurocognitive evaluation of negative emotional bias in mood disorders", Jan-Jun 2022.
  • Jonas Perhuhn (100%) Visiting Master student in Psychology (University of Leipzig): "Motor neurofeedback and decoding fMRI", Oct-Dec 2021.
  • Quentin Gallet (100%) Medical intern and research Master student in Neuroscience (MSorbonne University, Paris): "Decoding Emotions in the Bipolar Brain", Jan - Jui 2021.
  • Pamela Pindi (100%) Master student in Neuroscience (Sorbonne University, Paris): "Characterizing emotional hyper-reactivity in patients with Bipolar Disorder", Jan - Jun 2020.
  • Nicolas Fernandez (100%) End of engineering school internship (Central Electronic School - ECE, Paris): “Development and adaptation of a computer interface for real-time fMRI neurofeedback”, May – Nov 2019.
  • Laurie-Anne Claude (50%) Medical intern and research Master student in Neuroscience (Sorbonne University, Paris): “Computer aided classification of bipolar disorder using MRI based machine learning”, Feb – Jul 2019.

Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany

  • Valeria Yankous-Ferreira (Humbolt University, Berlin) Internship project: Modulation of physiological response to exogenous and endogenous emotion generation after meditation training: Physiological correlates of brain activity during emotional tasks.
  • Francie Missbach (Universität wien, Vienna, Austria) Internship project: How meditation trainings shape your thoughts? Exploration of the effects of three different trainings on socio-temporo-emotional content of mindwandering.

University Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France

  • Manon Commaret, Professional Master in Neuropsychology, (University of Savoie, Chambéry): “Study of inter-hemispheric collaboration in bipolar patients”, 2013-2014.
  • Alexandre Perrin, Medical intern and research Master student in Neuropsychology (CHU-UPMF, Grenoble): “Evaluation of neuroanatomical markers of bipolar disorders with voxel-based morphometry (VBM-MRI)”, 2012-2014.
  • Lidwine Laurent, research Master student in Neuropsychology (UPMF, Grenoble): “Effect of the psychoeducation on emotional impulsive response in bipolar patients: an emotional Go-Nogo fMRI study”, 2012-2013.


2018, 2019, 2020 - Paris-Descartes University, Institute of Psychology

Lecturer in Psychology degree

  • Cognitive Psychology, Lectures, Master 1 "Eco-Psy" (36h / years)
  • Cognitive Psychology, Tutorial classes, Bachelor (3rd degree) (24h in 2018)
2015 - Max Planck Institute for Human Cognition and Brain Science
  • Lecture in the IMPRS NeuroCom research school program
  • Lecture on Social cognition and emotion: “Emotion regulation and psycho-social intervention”
2012-2014 - Grenoble Alps University, Departement of Psychology (128h)

Teacher assistant in Psychology degree

  • Statistics, 1st and 2nd degrees; Tutorial Classes (TC)
  • Neuropsychology, 3rd degree; Lectures and TC
  • Cognitive psychology, 1st degree; TC
  • Psychology introduction, 1st degree; TC
  • Methodologies in social and human sciences, 1st degree; TC